Port extension

Wismar Seaport keeps growing in size, and it does so in all kinds of ways. By extending our infrastructure we are developing dynamically, staying competitive and increasing opportunities for you, for instance by creating new cargo handling and storage areas.

With the completion of the now second stage of construction of our port extension were are furthermore offering a new 332 m quay wall for up to two vessels from the end of 2018.

Apart from the berths we are also extending the seaport by a multi-functional 41,500 m² area for cargo handling which includes a railway siding and a connection of the port road to the new terminal. These are decisive investments which strengthen our potential to increase the handling of seaborne goods over the next 15 years from 3.5 to 6 million tons per year. Even big ships with a length of up to 294 meters will be able to moor at Wismar Seaport then. We thus enable our customers to develop additional overseas markets.

Seehafen port extensions