Road connection

Thanks to its ideal connection to the motorways A 20 and A 14 Wismar seaport is quickly and readily accessible for all kinds of road vehicles. East-west traffic to Hamburg and eastern Europe is quickly and conveniently  handled on the A 20. The A 14 provides a direct link to Berlin and central Germany.

For an efficient pre- and onward carriage of road-bound traffic, there is the direct feeder road to the motorway intersection near Wismar. Trucks must use the northern feeder road from the A 20 exit at the Wismar intersection which has only recently been extended for extra long project loads up to 60 m in length. Please key the address 'Tonnenhofstrasse' into your satnav to get here.

Access route for trucks

Trucks are requested to take the entry at Tonnenhofstraße 10. Please follow these directions:

  1. Leave the motorway at the motorway intersection Wismar (9) and drive towards Wismar along the motorway A 14.
  2. Leave the motorway and drive straight along the eastern ring road towards Wismar Hafen.
  3. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit and continue along the street Am Haffeld.
  4. Keep to the right to stay on the street Am Haffeld.
  5. At the next intersection drive straight ahead into Tonnenhofstraße.



Distances to selected hinterland destinations (in kilometer)

120 km – Hamburg
220 km – Berlin?
250 km  – Magdeburg
270 km - Hanover
400 km – Leipzig
460 km – Dortmund
510 km – Erfurt
600 km – Prague
610 km – Frankfurt on the Main
780 km – Stuttgart
790 km – Munich
930 km – Vienna