Innovative lifting tackle and comprehensive plants and equipment make for expert and appropriate handling of various cargo types from A as in automotive to Z as in Zinc

Cranes with lifting capacities between 6.3 and 45 t (gross value) and ground conveying equipment with load carrying capacities up to 45 t get down to the day to day business and deal with it efficiently. But at the same time their work can be fine-tuned and accurately fitted in order to stow high-grade industrial goods and project cargo safely and in good quality.

The bulk terminal for weather-sensitive bulk goods has efficient continuous handling equipment with rates of 200 t/h to 600 t/h. Adequate wagon-unloading and ship loading systems are integrated directly.

In the liquid goods division, the special terminal for dangerous cargo, tank wagons are unloaded and tank trucks loaded. Tankers are discharged by means of a special ship unloader and their valuable cargo is pumped to the tank farms of local businesses by pipeline.

Everything's multi-purpose - everything's fine!