Connection by sea

Wismar seaport is to be found in the western Baltic Sea on the southern shore of Wismar bay at the position 53°90’ northern latitude and 11°46‘ eastern longitude.

Port ID No. 20151 – Port of Wismar –

Ships up to approx. 240 m length, 35 m beam and a draught of 8.5 m may berth without difficulty. Depending on the equipment of the vessels and the conditions of wind and water at the time, draught may be as much as 8.70 m. The aquatory may be navigated without a pilot by ships up to a maximum length of 90 m, max. beam of 13 m and a draught of 5 m.

Please report in good time (about 3 h before arrival) to 'Timmendorf pilot' VHF channel 14 and to 'Wismar traffic' VHF channel 12.

In the course of the further extension of the port it is planned to dredge the entrance channel to a greater depth so that already in the near future it will be possible for Panamax-class vessels with a maximum draught of 10.5 m to be served at the port.


Distances to selected ports (in nautical miles)

139 NM – Copenhagen (Denmark)
159 NM – Helsingborg (Sweden)
197 NM – Szczecin (Poland)
269 NM – Gothenburg (Sweden)
349 NM – Kaliningrad (Russia)
377 NM – Klaipeda (Lithuania)
377 NM – Liepaja (Latvia)
389 NM - Oslo (Norway)
416 NM – Ventspils (Latvia)
485 NM – Stockholm (Sweden)
530 NM – Riga (Latvia)
590 NM – Tallinn (Estonia)
611 NM – Helsinki (Finland)
697 NM – Newcastle (United Kingdom)
713 NM – Hull (United Kingdom)
751 NM – St. Petersburg (Russia)
892 NM – Oulu (Finland)
1183 NM – Cherepovets (Russia)
1436 NM – Moscow (Russia)
2350 NM – Astrakhan (Russia)

Flow of goods