Nothing moves as swiftly as technical progress. What was done by analog means yesterday is already solved digitally today. This change is all-embracing and omnipresent and it changes the market and society too.

Combined with the right data protection, digitalization also enriches countless processes in transport logistics: Complicated processes give way to hybrid solutions that are retrievable via the cloud. Smart phones or tablet computers enable us to use important real-time information and fully network with each other at the same time. This way we simplify mobility, transport and incoming traffic not only for ourselves, but above all for our customers, service providers and suppliers.

At Wismar Seaport we therefore rely consistently on the digital transformation of our logistics. We thus enhance agility and innovation, efficiency and sustainability - parameters that constitute the future success of our company. In detail this means for us at Wismar Seaport: - using a highly specialized ERP software to plan, check, control and evaluate all value-adding processes - using mobile terminals for performance capture both indoors and out of doors - using digital radio technology - digital fleet management EDI connection with various customers