Corporate policy and guidelines

At Wismar Seaport we have represented the leading edge of port logistics for decades. This is true both for our work and our infrastructure. In order to perform at the highest level we follow the dynamic trends in the market with substantial investments in new structures and reconditioning, thereby positioning our company for the challenges of tomorrow.

In doing so, progress is just as important to us as stability and tradition. Customers at home and abroad have always associated us with three of the most important driving forces of our success: Absolute quality, the ability to innovate and a top performance in all services.

Our corporate policy always takes its cues from the satisfaction of our customers and the well-being of our employees. And as one of the largest employers in the region we are well aware of our social responsibility. We underpin it with a wide variety of measures for industrial safety, health and environmental protection.

In order to do justice to our high standards in these fields in the best possible way, we at Wismar Seaport rely on an integrated management system (IMS) and a certified quality management system.

Customer focus

All divisions of Wismar Seaport focus their efforts on our major aim, the lasting satisfaction of our customers. For your complex requirements and tasks we offer smart and tailor-made solutions geared to maximize your successes.

Employee-oriented leadership

A company can only stay on course successfully if its team works together in a motivated and qualified manner. At Wismar Seaport we demand and support the personal responsibility and growth of our staff. We strengthen their job satisfaction and build on dependability and continuity.

To this end we integrate our employees in all areas of quality protection and environmental protection, of occupational safety and health protection. As one of the most attractive employers in the north one of our major aims is a corporate culture that is in the interest of all our employees.

Industrial safety and health protection

At Wismar Seaport we ensure a healthy working climate, and literally so: Through an actively embraced health management and regular instructions on industrial safety we support the well-being of our employees, service providers and suppliers. Health to us is a great good worth protecting. After all it forms the basis for the efficiency of our entire team.

As part of our industrial safety and health protection effort we raise awareness of, for instance:

  • observing and ensuring order and cleanliness at work
  • avoiding unnecessary dangers to our employees and third parties
  • following instructions on industrial safety and health protection
  • complying with prohibitions and requirements (e.g. the ban on alcohol and drugs and the smoking ban in areas not expressly permitted and/or marked for the purpose, or in cars)
  • using the personal protection equipment provided according to the regulations and handling it with care
  • checking all tools and equipment for safe condition and suitability before each use by visual inspection and using them according to the regulations
  • working in a safety- and health-conscious manner
  • safe handling of hazardous goods
  • reporting or independent removing of discovered defects, as far as possible
  • mentioning and/or reporting unsafe behaviour

Environmental protection

An economic focus combined with ecological sensitivity - at Wismar Seaport we actively contribute to nature protection by a comprehensive, sustainable management. In this our main focus is on reducing environmental pollution. We also consistently impart environmentally conscious thoughts and actions to our employees, service providers and suppliers.

Here we focus on:

  • adhering to all relevant laws and observing and implementing the requirements deriving from them
  • procuring and using environmentally compatible and energy-saving products and/or replacements
  • using energy, water, materials and other resources economically and consciously
  • watching processes and plants attentively in order to report and remove leakages
  • switching engines off whenever units are stationary for longer periods
  • substituting dangerous substances and storing and using necessary dangerous substances in conformity with the law
  • avoiding waste as far as possible and disposing of unavoidable waste in an environmentally compatible manner
  • actively including employees and external contracting parties in environmental protection and developing measures for its improvement

Social responsibility

Our high aspirations as to quality also apply to quality of life. We go all out when it comes to enriching life in the community both in Wismar and the region. To this end we have for many years supported numerous groups and clubs through various partnerships.

Quality management

Top-level processes and services are the benchmark of our activities. In order to always provide the best possible services to you, our customer, we established a certified quality management system at Wismar Seaport quite some time ago.

It encompasses above all the following tasks:

  • active assumption of responsibility for our company and for the satisfaction of our customers
  • achieving the best possible work results through reliable, punctual and flexible actions, timely communication and mutual respect
  • securing the further specialist development of our company in line with the requirements through sound initial and advanced training of our employees
  • adhering to all company rules in order to achieve the highest quality and damage-free status in all our processes
  • increasing the quality awareness of our staff and of our service providers and suppliers
  • regular checking of our own and adjoining processes with regard to quality and efficiency for the purpose of ongoing optimization
  • timely capturing, analysis and remedying of process deviations
  • observing order and cleanliness, autonomous and speedy reporting of damages and breakdowns