Logistics for plant and machinery

German engineering enjoys great popularity around the world. Export and import of large-dimensioned, sophisticated equipment only work with the right logistics. To ensure full serviceability at the place of application, transport equipment satisfying the highest requirements is employed. Thus heavy propellers and extra long rotor blades submit to being moved over the edge of the quay.

The ready connection between Wismar seaport and the intersection of motorways A 20 and A 14 makes it possible to convey plant and machinery from road to ship and vice versa quickly and safely.

And, last but not least, since transport routes and transport equipment were also devised by engineers that's another good reason for moving the results of their labours with appropriate care and dexterity.

Logistical services:

  • Handling for all means of transport
  • Stockkeeping
  • Transport
  • Cargo control and inspection of goods
  • Load securing
  • Order picking
  • Setting-up of supply chains
  • Intermodal transport


  • Open-air storage
  • Roofed storage capacity
  • Rail siding
  • Ready access to intersection of motorways A 20 and A 14


  • Mobile cranes
  • Gantry cranes (lifting capacity 6.3 to 45 t)
  • Tugmasters/heavy-duty trailers (100 t)
  • Ground conveying equipment: Fork-lift truck (lifting capacity up to 32 t), Reach stacker (lifting capacity up to 45 t)

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