Logistics for metals

Those who rely on metals appreciate both the solidity of this material as well as its malleability. In Wismar seaport you have a logistics partner who extends these characteristics to handling, storage and distribution.

From wire to sheets, coils to long and sectional steel - we have the right equipment and logistical strategy for every shape, always closely attuned to your needs.

If needed you may in this also benefit from our value added services such as order picking, repackaging and distribution of your goods, as well as safe seperating slit strips. Whether it is raw materials, automotive products or scrap, Wismar seaport moves metal in all its conceivable forms.

Logistical services:

  • Handling for all means of transport
  • Stockkeeping
  • Transport
  • Weighing
  • Cargo control and inspection of goods
  • Order picking
  • Load securing
  • Packaging
  • Separating/repackaging slit strips
  • Setting up and servicing of supply chains
  • Intermodal transport


  • Open-air storage
  • Roofed storage capacity
  • Rail siding
  • Connection to intersection of motorways A 20 and A 14


  • Mobile cranes (lifting capacity up to 104 t)
  • Gantry cranes (lifting capacity 6.3 to 45 t)
  • Tugmasters/trailers
  • Ground conveying equipment: Fork-lift truck (ram-type; lifting capacity up to 32 t), compact loaders, wheel loaders
  • Officially calibrated weighbridge for rail cars and truck scales

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