Logistics for disposal and recycling

The growing worldwide demand for natural resources is bringing disposal and recycling into the focus of industry as a source of the raw materials of the future. Using recyclable goods multiple times and coordinating their logistics therefore continues to gain in economic and ecological importance.

In order to enable metal, wood and paper, among others, to be returned to the cycle of recoverable materials without a hitch, Wismar seaport works with state-of-the-art equipment and offers external storage facilities.

This also includes the handling of certain types of waste for which monitoring is mandatory. As secondary raw materials for future products, recycled goods are thus, with our logistical support, given a second chance ... and a third, fourth or fifth.

Logistical services:

  • Handling for all means of transport
  • Stockkeeping
  • Transport
  • Weighing
  • Inspection of goods and cargo control
  • Setting up and servicing of supply chains
  • Intermodal transport


  • Open-air storage
  • Connection to intersection of motorways A 20 and A 14
  • Rail siding


  • Gantry cranes and mobile cranes (lifting capacity 12.5 to 104 t)
  • Ground conveying equipment: Wheel loaders, compact loaders
  • Officially calibrated weighbridge for rail cars and truck scales
  • Special grab bucket equipment

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