Logistics for salt, fertilizer and chemicals

Even in the days of the Hanseatic League salt was considered white gold which helped many port towns achieve prosperity. Back then salt was used almost exclusively to cure fish for long sea voyages. Since then its fields of application have widened continuously. It is therefore still of enormous significance to the port of Wismar.

We have been experts in handling weather-sensitive goods for many years. In order to make sure that fertilizer, soda, potash and all kinds of salt can do the job they're meant to do we use our years of experience in addition to conveyor belts and grabs.

Handling and storage of liquid goods such as Alzon® are done at a special terminal. From here we supply also the local industry with raw materials such as methanol and styrene. The latter is used in making polystyrene packaging, among other things - a much more efficient means of transporting fish nowadays.

Logistical services:

  • Handling for all means of transport
  • Stockkeeping
  • Weighing
  • Cargo control and inspection of goods
  • Packaging
  • Setting up and servicing of supply chains
  • Intermodal transport


  • Open-air storage
  • Roofed storage capacity: 120,000 tonnes
  • Tank capacity: 16,000 m³
  • Rail siding
  • Connection to intersection of motorways A 20 and A 14


  • Underground bins
  • Belt conveyors
  • Mobile ship loaders: Handling rate 600 t/h
  • Gantry cranes and mobile cranes (lifting capacity 12.5 to 104 t)
  • Unloading stations for tank wagons
  • Liquid goods terminal: specialized ship unloading systems for chemicals transport

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