Port logistics for your line of business

Wismar seaport offers ideal conditions for the handling and storage of all kinds of goods for a variety of sectors. As a typical multi-purpose port we for instance move by conveyor belt weather-sensitive dry and other bulk cargo, such as agricultural products, building materials, salt, chemicals and fertilizer.

The seaport logistics that we offer for energy sources like wood pellets and wood chips represent an important link in the biomass value chain. Beyond that the logistics of other wood and forest products, metals, plant and equipment are equally planned and implemented in close coordination with the client.

Whether it is general cargo, liquid or ro-ro goods, containers or project cargo - thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled staff we deal with your challenges. We also constantly improve the structures and processes and adjust to new trends and markets. Thus Wismar seaport creates the best possible prerequisites for forward-looking sectors such as renewable sources of energy, disposal and recycling or even cruise shipping.

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