Wismar seaport modernizes handling equipment

04/13/2015 – 

As of 1 August 2015 Wismar seaport will extend its equipment fleet by four powerful mobile port cranes made by the internationally operating manufacturer Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy of Finland.

The operation of the new handling equipment allows an even more flexible utilization of the existing berths for the efficient dispatch of sea-going vessels while making optimum use of the available space. Increases in efficiency are also expected in the loading and unloading of trucks, single wagons and block trains.

This investment will especially optimize the handling of bulk goods and break bulk cargo such as round timber, forest products and raw materials for the steel industry.

The new Mantsinen units will be a 70 M, a 90 M and two 120 R's with an outreach of up to 27 metres.

These extended crane radiuses and the maximum loads of up to eight tons at full outreach will allow for an even more efficient use of both the seaward handling spaces and of the adjoining storage areas in the future. A quick change system for various attachments enhances the flexibility of the handling equipment for various handling requirements and customer orders.

The use of a so-called HybriLift system allows for recovery of up to 35% of the energy released when lowering the boom.

Modern, efficient diesel engines support the reduction of fuel consumption, noticeably reducing emissions and thus reducing CO2emissions.

The new cranes also bring advantages for the education and training of seaport employees. The spacious and ergonomically designed cabins provide an additional seat so that a second driver can be accommodated securely in order to gather practical work experience. Also the field of vision has been considerably improved for the crane operators, especially when working in deep hatches.

By commissioning the new equipment, Wismar seaport will continue the ongoing modernization of its existing cargo handling equipment and thus further increase the efficiency of its handling and transport processes. At the same time the target of climate-friendly „green logistics“ is consistently implemented.

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