Wismar seaport invests 36 million Euro

06/10/2015 – 

The Wismar seaport enlarges the port area. Till summer 2018 a new wharfage will be built with a length of 332 metres. Additionally an area of 41.500 square metres will be formed with a railway siding and a road link.

The costs for this extension will be 35,6 million Euro.

Wismar Seaport is an important infrastructure and facility factor for the Hanseatic city.

Therefore Prime minister Erwin Sellering and Minister of  Energy, Infrastructure and Regional Development Christian Pegel handed out the notification of subsidies to Mayor Thomas Beyer of the Hanseatic city Wismar yesterday. Federal and State support the development with an amount of 23,5 million Euro. Wismar Seaport invests about 12 million Euros as well.