Wind turbine handled

10/11/2012 – 

In recent days a premiere took place at Wismar Seaport (Baltic Sea, Germany): An entire Kenersys wind turbine was handled via Wismar Seaport.

The 100 tons massy nacelle, the hub as well as the rotor blades of 50 meters and 5 tower segments were shipped to Boston at the US East Coast.

The turbine model K100 2.5MW will be transported overland from Boston harbour to its site. This turbine is going to be erected in the following weeks. The 100 meter tall concrete steel tower was manufactured by KGW in Schwerin (Germany) – and delivered as 5 single tower segments to the seaport.

With the transhipment of wind turbines and their components Wismar Seaport expands its relevance as a hub for renewable energies. “We are glad about the development and hope that especially the market for onshore turbines and their components is going to provide further growth potential in our region”, according to Michael Kremp, CEO Wismar Seaport.

“Wismar Seaport as an energy handling hub prospectively wants to be a strong partner in logistics of renewable energies. In this way we contribute to a sustainable energy politics in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania”, adds Kremp. In the last years the company has established the infrastructure for such projects: A barrier-free interconnection to regions road system guarantees a trouble-free vehicle access to the harbour area for heavy goods transports up to 60 meters lengths. Especially for the handling of large cargo a Liebherr heavy lift mobile crane with a load capacity of 104 tons was bought in 2009. This crane is especially used for the wind sector.

For turbine manufacturer Kenersys the direct shipping of its turbines was one of the main reasons to build the full-scale production facility directly at the Wismar pier. “In the last years we have used the seaport especially for inbound and project logistics. The handling of an entire turbine including tower is a premiere”, comments Klaus Platen, Kenersys Production Plant Manager.

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