Slot booking by mouse click at Wismar Seaport

10/14/2016 – 

As one of the first ports, Wismar Seaport has decided to combat traffic jams during truck handling. Since a week ago the port service provider organises the loading and unloading of all trucks through the online time slot management system 'TimeSlot' of the provider Cargoclix from Freiburg.

„The transition went smoothly and the new procedure has been very well received by the logistics service providers. Long waiting times are now a thing of the past for us“, says Friedrich Tönnies, head of the Sales team at Wismar Seaport. Apart from shortening the truck waiting times Mr Tönnies cites a more balanced utilisation of the loading and unloading points and a faster truck handling as the main objectives of the introduction of time slots. By capturing arrival and loading times the port has also become more transparent and is able to act more efficiently whenever necessary, Tönnies emphasises.

„Wismar is in a pioneering role among ports when it comes to time slot management. The seaport is the best example for how to make the best possible use of existing resources with a minimum of expense", says Johannes Schmidt, Managing Director of Cargoclix.

About 600 trucks are handled at the seaport every day. Truck loading and unloading after a prior booking in 'TimeSlot' enjoys priority. For this the port enters its loading dates in the system and the carriers book the slots they want in advance over the Internet. Slots can be reserved from seven days in advance up to 4pm the day before, at the latest. In order to make it easier for forwarders to get used to the system, Wismar Seaport will pay the 50 Cent booking fee per slot during the introduction stage. Those who don't book in advance have to wait for a free slot.

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