Seehafen Wismar renews its vehicle fleet

10/30/2012 – 

On 1 November 2012 Seehafen Wismar GmbH renews a large part of its vehicle fleet. In doing so it continues the long-standing and positive cooperation with the equipment rental firms of Cargotec, Zeppelin and NordRental.

Professionalism, flexibility and quality are the hallmarks of their work.

„Thanks to the full service they are offering us, which includes regular and short-term repairs, servicing and inspections, we can be sure that the units are available to us at any time in the best possible manner", states Eckhard Kurfeld, port equipment manager.

„The regular replacement with new units ensures the reliability of our logistical processes and guarantees a high service quality to our customers", adds Helmut Bilz, port operation manager.

Climate protection also played a special role in these new acquisitions. All new units lead to a reduction of CO2emissions, for instance the six new Kalmar fork-lift trucks from the DCG series which are fitted with particulate filters. The company Cargotec is providing a total of nine for-lift trucks to the seaport over the next four years, including three seven-ton units, two twelve-ton units (DCG series) and four 16-ton units (DCG series). "We are pleased that Seehafen Wismar GmbH has again opted for the quality of our products and ordered nine Kalmar diesel front stackers. The units ordered, including six counterweight stackers of the new G generation, are covered by a full-service maintenance agreement with Cargotec Germany GmbH for the next four years", states Björn Steffen, sales manager at Cargotec Germany GmbH.

From the company Zeppelin the seaport will rent four Caterpillar wheel loaders of the CAT928HZ and CAT966K series in the future.

Eight Mafi MT32R trucks able to pull 120 tons will be provided by NordRental. The mobile industrial trucks of this rental company have proved themselves for years.

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