Seehafen Wismar GmbH certified to GMP+B3

12/02/2015 – 

Seehafen Wismar GmbH certified to GMP+ B3

On 2nd November 2015, Seehafen Wismar GmbH opened a storage and handling terminal certified to the GMP+ B3 standard for the export of feed salts.

In order to meet the high quality requirements for the handling and storage of feed salts the former grain storage shed at berth 5 was given a general overhaul and provided with a separate wagon unloading station and a specific ship loader, enabling the successful certification of the quality criteria according to the international GMP+ B3 (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.

By creating these specialized storage and handling capabilities the seaport was able to respond at short notice to the market requirements of its long-standing and important cargo handling customer esco - european salt company GmbH & Co. KG and to implement this project jointly.

„We are glad to have as competent and as forward-looking a logistics partner by our side as Wismar seaport. With the building work now completed we are securing our joint business and we have furthermore created the preconditions for further joint and successful growth“, says Stephan Gatz, Head of Supply Chain Coordination / esco - european salt company GmbH & Co. KG

The bulk goods, which are sensitive to atmospheric conditions and environmentally sensitive, are put into the warehouse from the wagons in which they are delivered by means of gravity discharge via a deep bunker, the railway sidings near the shed and automatically controllable conveyor systems.

The loading of ships from the bulk warehouse or, if preferred, also in direct transshipment from wagons is performed by a newly built ship loader tailored to the requirements of the terminal which is able to handle about 300 tons per hour.

The planning, projecting and implementation of the modernization and conversion effort took around a year and a half. In the course of the certification process all employees of Seehafen Wismar GmbH were instructed about adherence to and compliance with specific hygiene regulations, and they were provided with special, necessary protective clothing and tools. Furthermore, the company has designated full-time GMP officers trained in feed safety.

Seehafen Wismar GmbH thus is a significant part of the supply chain in the handling of feed salts and satisfies the highest requirements of quality assurance in this field. In addition to the self-control carried out continuously, annual monitoring audits are held in order to examine, manifest and document also from an external point of view the certainty that the GMP+ B3 standard is complied with.

Seehafen Wismar GmbH is thus an officially licensed, certified company for the storage and handling of feedstuffs, it is properly listed in the GMP database and is thus again extending and diversifying its service portfolio.

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