Seehafen Wismar again handles wind power plants

12/19/2012 – 

After the successful handling of a wind power plant for the company Kenersys Wismar seaport again had a chance to demonstrate its know-how in the handling of wind power plants now. This time it was several units at once. Twelve nacelles, twelve rotor hubs and four containers were imported in one lot from the Portuguese port of Leixoes near Porto already in October. The 39 rotor blades belonging to these, with an overall length of 45 m, were unloaded in Wismar recently, also in one lot.

The components manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of wind power plants were expertly handled and stored at Wismar seaport. It only took the cargo handling specialists two shifts to discharge the rotor blades by tandem operation of the gantry cranes so that the 108 m long and 16 m wide special-purpose freighter Abis Dover was able to leave the port again in the evening. The unloading of the freighter Abis Breskens was similarly successful. In the space of one day the nacelles, hubs and containers were again discharged by means of the 104 ton Liebherr mobile crane.

Thanks to the road infrastructure upgraded to accommodate project cargoes up to 60 m in length the individual components of the wind power plants were gradually transported to Poland without a hitch in the past weeks. Thanks to its qualified specialists and state of the art handling equipment Wismar seaport is able to satisfy the increasing demand for professional handling and storage of larger amounts of wind power plants at any time.

Götz Strahl, who was in charge of the project at Wismar seaport, is optimistic with regard to the future trend in the handling of wind power plants at the port of Wismar. 'We feel we are in every way well-prepared to deal with any upcoming contracts in this order of magnitude.'

Jens Hafemann, Managing Director of JH Logistik GmbH: 'We already know the port of Wismar as a flexible, cooperative and cost-effective seaport. For this project we checked several options for their cost-benefit aspects. Wismar came out on top as the most competitive partner. Together with the project team of the seaport and the Swiss project team of Gutmann Heavy Logistics AG we have worked out a conclusive and workable concept in order to ensure a safe and smooth handling for the unloading of the ships and for putting into and retrieval from storage of their goods to our client.'

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