Pile driving for the further boom of the port

11/21/2016 – 

Wismar's lord mayor Thomas Beyer has quite some experience with visits on board ships. This time he had to represent the city on board the pleasure boat „Hanseat“. In the presence of employees of the companies involved in the construction work and representatives of the seaport and the city he initiated the symbolic first strike of the drive block off the new port building site with a long siren sound from a compressed-air bottle. Immediately the drive block began its heavy work on the new sheetpile wall. It will be made of sheeting piles up to 28 m long and 1.40 m wide and weighing eight to nine tons. This steel 'water fence' of about 250 to 260 elements will be 332 metres long in the end and it will form the basis for a new wharf. "It will be about 80 metres away from the present shore", explains project manager Knut Mertz of Messrs Züblin, summing up all these facts.

Once this has been done a kind of modern land reclamation will start. It will create a new, multi-functional port extension area of 41,500 square metres plus railway siding and connection of the port road to the new terminal. The pile driving is to be finished at the latest by March 2017. From the end of 2018 big ships with a length up to 294 metres will be able to moor at the two new berths created. This allows the development of further overseas markets.

Steel hydraulics construction work and dredging to create sufficient water depths were necessary for this in the run-up. This work, and more to come, has been carried out by, i.a., the working partnership of the No. 1 in German building construction and civil engineering, Ed Züblin AG, and the specialist in hydraulic construction Colcrete von Essen GmbH which looks back on 140 years of experience.

Already at the end of July this year the old and new Minister of Energy, Infrastructure and Regional Development Christian Pegel handed over the allocation notice on the 75 % of state subsidies granted to this major port extension project for approx. Euro 21.9 million. The total investment volume is Euro 31 million. 

When this project is completed, Wismar Seaport will have significantly strengthened its competitive standing. "The market situation and the competitive environment make the construction of this additional wharf and cargo handling area necessary. Only in this way can we stay on a level with customers and competitors and satisfy the requirements for a competitive port location", emphasises lord mayor Thomas Beyer. He also hopes that, due to the resuscitation of shipbuilding in Wismar, the project to deepen the entrance channel, which is a federal waterway, will be speeded up.

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