New storage shed for K+S at Wismar seaport

09/20/2013 – 


Every year the German K+S Group delivers up to one million tons of salt and potash products to the Scandinavian and Baltic markets via Wismar. At peak season, which begins already in September, the seaport handles several block trains of up to 1,750 tons of de-icing salt for winter road clearance per day in regular train traffic. The salt is mostly needed in Northern Europe. The main supplier is the salt mine of Bernburg whose products are distributed through the group-owned company esco, European Salt Company. Transport to the port is effected by rail since this is the most economical and environmentally friendly type of preliminary logistics.

Adding to this are various grades of salt and potash products used in agriculture and in industrial manufacturing operations.

Seehafen Wismar GmbH and K+S AG have cooperated successfully for decades. Both sides have years of experience in carrying out preliminary transport and storage as well as handling of salt and potash products. Already in the times of the Hanseatic League the "white gold" was one of the major trade goods at the port of Wismar.

The seaport shipped potash from East German deposits to all corners of the earth already in GDR times.

Today the favourable geographical and logistical situation in the southern Baltic is again the decisive factor for exporting the products from central Germany and northern Hesse via Wismar to Northern and Eastern Europe by sea, in a competitive manner.

In order to assure the quality of weather-sensitive bulk goods the seaport provides roofed storage areas for a total of 120,000 tons. The new storage shed adds roughly another 20,000 tons to this capacity. This investment will make the cooperation of all companies involved in the supply chain even more efficient and stronger in the future.

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