New SENNEBOGEN 870 M Spezial at Wismar seaport

07/19/2013 – 

Already since 2008 Seehafen Wismar GmbH puts its full trust in the Green Line SENNEBOGEN handling machines for demanding handling operations of dry bulk, scrap or round logs. In June 2013 a new 870 M Spezial was handed over to the port by LST Bau- und Industriemaschinen GmbH. The machine is part of a lease for several years and complements the existing two 850 M and the 840 M. The new machine impresses particularly with its great reach of 24 m and a robust and reliable workmanship. Fitted with a 2 m² HGT timber grab the SENNEBOGEN 870 M mainly works in timber loading and thus handles up to 140 tons per hour. The deluxe maXcab that can be raised to 3.0 m and moved forward by 2.6 m is very useful especially in unloading ships. Together with the 0.75 m pylon the new 870 M provides the best overall view of the working area and into the ship's belly in this configuration.

The SENNEBOGEN machines in Wismar unload ships with up to 5,000 tons of cargo and a maximum length of 120 m. The flexibility of the modern machines pays off particularly when different berths have to be reached in quick succession or when working on large vessels piece by piece. The 300 kW Deutz diesel engine gives the machine the necessary power and was designed so as to be easy to maintain and service.

The crane operators of the port especially praises the standard camera system with rear and side camera and 7‘ colour screen providing optimum all-round visibility, a valuable addition in terms of safety. The large reach of 24 m and the special handling equipment including the curved 'banana' boom and the long grab arm make the SENNEBOGEN 870 M the perfect machine for unloading ships.

The machine is also used for loading trucks and railway wagons. Quite often it is in operation for up to 24 hours a day, so reliable and rugged components are needed. Regular maintenance and service are looked after by the local distribution partner LST Bau- und Industriemaschinen GmbH who make sure that the SENNEBOGEN machines operate smoothly.

"Having benefited from years of a good cooperation with SENNEBOGEN we have again opted for a machine that fully answers our requirements. As a modern seaport we want to be equipped with state-of-the-art machinery at all times in order to comply with customer wishes. In this we succeed in outstanding fashion with the new SENNEBOGEN 870 M."

Michael Kremp, managing director of Seehafen Wismar GmbH

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