New Port Operations Software at Wismar Seaport

01/18/2017 – 

INPLAN Terminal Operating System, ITOS for short, is the name of the central IT application which maps and merges the complex processes and work flows at the Wismar seaport operation since January 1, 2017 in an integrated manner - starting with job cost estimates and logging of the incoming orders to resource and work planning, comprehensive order processing with stationary and mobile performance capturing, mapping of inventory management, invoicing and statistical cost accounting and even including a smartphone app for current info on inventories.

With INPLAN GmbH, Wismar seaport brought in a competent IT service provider. INPLAN commands the industry know-how necessary for ports and cargo handling companies since it has software solutions running in more than 50 ports. "The shift to the ITOS system by INPLAN provides a complete digitalization of the port and cargo handling business at Wismar seaport. As a result of the continuous further development of the INPLAN standard software, the efficiency of the operation is being supported in the best way for the future and with a focus on the customers", promises Peter Stratmann, Senior Vice President at INPLAN.

The decision to shift to a new system was already made two years ago. "The adjustment of the INPLAN standard software to the specific requirements at Wismar seaport and the selection of additional modules to achieve the best possible mapping of all work areas and data was coordinated very carefully. We are pleased to be able to work with the new software now after the intense time of preparation", explains Michael Kremp, managing director of Wismar seaport.

The software may be adjusted or extended according to demand and allows responses to customer-specific requirements. Thanks to interfaces with customers and suppliers there is furthermore a transparent data Exchange.

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