Contractor management

At Wismar Seaport there is good cooperation in many fields. These include a safe common effort in joint working cycles. Whether you are a service provider, a craftsman or a supplier - in order to reduce health risks to a minimum we will include you in all matters of industrial safety, health protection and environmental management. It is easier to remove potential dangers and risks of injury if we all work together.

The seaport's contractor management is an efficient tool for maximum safety and security. It contains all regulations, guidelines and instructions that serve as the basis for the physical integrity and good health of every individual and must be heeded at all times in the interest of all. We ask for your active support in this.

The contractor management of Wismar Seaport as a download.

Our Corporate Guidelines in detail.

Our central coordinator for all matters of organization, safety and security (with regard to external companies, their employees and/or subcontractors) is:

Mr Patrick Wiechmann
Head of Port Engineering

+49 3841 452-423
+49 175 779 4868