Anyone getting on board with us at Wismar Seaport will enjoy excellent prospects. And this does not only hold true for an unobstructed view of the sea but also for their own future.

As a modern and efficient logistics company we master the complex challenges of our regional, national and international customers day in day out. In doing so we are always able to rely on a well-coordinated team which includes more than 160 employees. Every one of them is as important to us as all of them together.

We build on people who contribute their strengths with their head and their heart, who show commitment and broaden their horizons with thirst for knowledge. People who show team spirit and generate confidence.

Anyone bringing so much to the table has a right to expect a lot from us as well. For instance:

  • flexible working time schemes
  • modern health management
  • subsidization of pension schemes
  • equal pay and remuneration based on current rates
  • healthy working climate

Whether as a direct entry, through training or a work experience – we offer a wide variety of promotion opportunities and help people on the way up the career ladder in all areas.